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A friend introduced me to a very interesting blog about school lunches.  I found this article particularly interesting, describing school lunches in Japan from an American perspective.

I have often wondered about school lunches at the schools for which I’ve worked.  Students came to school with McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts in hand and negotiated with friends to get a ride there after school.  Admittedly, more often than not I also came to school with a DD coffee and a bagel.  Should I have set a better example for them?  Should I have banned fast food in my classroom– or would that have had any impact?  How much does economics play into food decisions? These are tough questions, but as child obesity is on the rise, we need to try answering them.

What can/should teachers do to promote healthy eating in their schools?


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3 Responses to “School lunches – interesting link”

  1. Becca Says:

    When I work in the summers, if my schedule goes over lunchtime, we get the opportunity to eat the school lunch for free if we eat with the kids. Working in the afternoons means we get to eat the snacks with the kids if we want. When I eat lunch, I make sure to eat it all, even though I don’t particularly like broccoli. Apples are the only things I won’t eat, really …

    We’re supposed to set an example for them, and it’s a lot easier when the school provides the food. When I’ve brought my own lunch it’s been cold pizza, which isn’t exactly the healthiest … I know I’m not an ideal weight, and I know my eating habits aren’t always stellar, but we’re expected to be a good example in front of the kids at all times.

    They’re planning on banning pop from school, but what’s that going to do? Make them drink more pop at home? That makes pop into the forbidden fruit … And I definitely think the economy has something to do with it, as well as speed/time/ease of picking up food. I can drive through McDonald’s, but I have to get out and take time at Subway, you know?

    All that being said, I fed my college students wedding cake today. How’s that for an example?

  2. Whitney Nielsen Says:

    Banning soda in schools is a sticky subject. I think I actually did a paper on it at BC. There are two sides to the argument, but by limiting kids’ access to it, some schools have found good results and if the community made an effort to ban it in schools, many parents will go along with it at home. Should kids never ever drink soda? Not necessarily, but they shouldn’t drink it every day at school.

    As for setting an example, I agree that it’s important. Just curious: what do typical lunches for the kids look like where you work?

  3. Becca Says:

    Let’s see if I can remember what’s required … milk, definitely. We’re allowed to have chocolate once a week. A grain. A protein (sun butter, not peanut butter, fyi). Two veggies or fruits. I think that makes up everything … every so often we get sweets for snack (which I rarely eat), but not usually with lunch. We get some odd things like chicken dogs, though … very odd … and we’re not supposed to have Trix yogurt anymore, even though we still do sometimes …

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