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You’re invited to a 1950s Party!

February 19, 2010


From: Ms. Nielsen

Time to meet and greet some of the biggest names of the 1950s!  There will be authentic 1950s music and entertainment, as well as refreshments.  Be prepared to rock around the clock!

Date: Tuesday 3/17, E period

You need to Bring:

  • Yourself in character (see back of invite)
  • Notes on your character
  • Food or drink to share (make it 1950s appropriate, look for products or recipes that were available in the 1950s)
  • Costume or prop for your character (5 pts. extra credit)



Start your own Red Scare! Find the Communists…

February 2, 2010

I love the Cold War.  I was only alive for a few years of it (one of my first TV memories is watching the Berlin Wall being torn down), but I love exploring the culture, politics and emotional fervor of the Cold War.  When one of my colleagues told me about the Witch Hunt she does each year with her AP US course, I was inspired to create my own 1950s version.

Find the Communist!


Industrial Revolution RPG

February 1, 2010

I love the Industrial Revolution and the grit and grime of the 19th century.  It’s hard for textbooks to do it justice and treat the workers of that era as more than just flat statistics or a few sepia-tone photos of sad-looking child laborers.  I strove to bring the era to life for my students through a role-playing game in which our classroom would become a Victorian mill town.

Creating this game took a lot of research, which I am happy to share with you.  The game is not perfect and I would welcome any suggestions on how to improve it.  I had the game observed by two colleagues who gave wonderful feedback, so this is the second draft of the game.  I’m including instructions and the sheets students would receive as part of the game.  You can copy, paste and print them as you see fit.  Colorful paper might make them easier to handle, and half-sheets of paper will be gentler on the Earth.

Mill Town Schedule

Monday – Friday:

Wake up: 4:30am

Work begins: 5:00am

Lunch break: 12:30pm

Lunch ends: 1:05pm

End of work: 7:00pm


Wake up: 4:30am

Work begins: 5:00am

Lunch break: 12:30pm

Lunch ends: 1:05pm

End of work: 5:30pm

(Based on the Work Schedule at the Lowell Mills)

Positives: The students (9th graders, honors) loved it and found it memorable.  It’s also a great way to utilize boisterous students who like to seek attention by giving them larger roles in the game.  My two most active students threw themselves into their roles with gusto and did not attempt to disrupt the class.

Negatives: It takes a whole class period, which may be hard to fit in the curriculum.  It also might be hard with shy students or classes who may not buy into the spirit of an RPG.