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French & Indian War: Causes & Effects

November 17, 2009

The French & Indian War is complex and fascinating to some, but a waste of time and unfortunate necessity before covering the American Revolution to others.  One can spend weeks and weeks on it (such in a course on the relationship between Europe & the US I took at the University of Erlangen in Germany) but realistically US history teachers need to cover it in a matter of days.

Here is my attempt to cover it in two days, focusing mainly on causes & effects, both intended and unintended.  My students did a fabulous job predicting and making decisions remarkably similar to the actual historical events– with a few key exceptions (notably the Proclamation of 1763).

Positives: These two lessons went very well, even with my more difficult classes.   Students have a fair amount of independence and get to be “experts” on their topic.

Negatives: Not everyone did the homework, but it’s not impossible to do the day 2 lesson without completed homework– just go over it with the class.  Some students also had trouble seeing how little things– like the stories– connected to the big picture.  Explicit explanation helped, as did the graphic organizers.

Please don’t email me for the lesson plan.  I don’t have time to handle the requests in a timely manner.  Please use the GoogleFolder below to download whatever you need.