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Presidential Facebooks – Ford and Carter

February 9, 2010

Toward the end of US History II, things get a little rushed. It seems like Ford and Carter get crammed into a week or less to make enough room for Reagan. So how does one assess students on two brief presidents? Surely there’s not enough time for an essay or a class presentation. How about Facebook?

Here is an assignment I used for two 11th grade US II classes. Students completed the assignment with a partner or alone during one class period (about 30 minutes) and then shared their work with the class. The atmosphere was light and many students produced interesting Facebook profiles for their president. It was a good way to show their depth of understanding: students who knew more had more to say, and students who had only read enough to know that Jimmy Carter had something to do with peanuts had much less to say, which was reflected in their grade.

I used the following template for a “blank” Facebook profile. Unfortunately, Facebook changes its appearance every few months, so Facebook doesn’t look quite like that anymore. Taking a screenshot of a more current Facebook and editing out the photos/text in paint or Photoshop would be a good solution.